Offshore Wind

10 gigawatts of green hydrogen generation capacity from offshore wind by 2035 plus transport ashore


Green Hydrogen

Production of 1 million tonnes of green hydrogen from the North Sea thanks to highly innovative electrolysis technology


Development Chances

Opportunities for the energy industry, CO2-free industrial production and construction, the maritime sector, chemicals, mobility and logistics

AquaPrimus Windpark

Aqua Ventus Vision

As an emission-free alternative to fossil fuels, green hydrogen is the central element for the energy transition. With climate-friendly hydrogen technologies and projects at sea, AquaVentus sets signals worldwide and promotes the transformation into the future European energy and economic system.
From Helgoland out into the German Bight, AquaVentus offers effective and scalable projects as part of an overall concept in order to achieve German and European climate goals.

The visionary project of AquaVentus: 10 gigawatts of generation capacity for green hydrogen from offshore wind energy by 2035. Within AquaVentus, leading companies, research institutes and associations along the entire value chain are leading the way to speed up a green environmentally friendly economy with one million tons of green hydrogen every year supplied by Offshorewind from the North Sea.

Five points to set the course in 2022!

  • Update of the Nat. Hydrogen Strategy: Anchoring concrete targets for the production and transport of green hydrogen from offshore wind.
  • Expand WindSeeG: Further develop offshore hydrogen from an option to the third expansion pillar along with CfD and beauty contest for offshore electricity.
  • Offshore H2 in FEP Revision: Flächen für mindestens 5 GW Offshore H2-Erzeugung ausweisen und auktionieren bis 2030 inkl. 10 GW transmission pipeline. Further potentials up to 10 GW in 2035 allocated across borders.
  • Balancing funding gaps for offshore hydrogen projects through CFDs-H2 in the start-up phase.
  • Acceleration of plans for the expansion of a north european. Hydrogen Pipeline Network in the North Sea.



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AquaVentus Project family

Future technology for green hydrogen

With the help of the projects’ pioneering technical work, the AquaVentus initiative aims to achieve its ambitious goals by 2035. In the long term, however, the AquaVentus project family’s plans also include integration into a European hydrogen network.

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