Offshore Wind

10 gigawatts of production capacity for green hydrogen from offshore wind energy plus transport on land via pipeline


Green hydrogen

Production of 1 million tonnes of green hydrogen from the North Sea thanks to highly innovative electrolysis technology


Development opportunities

Opportunities for the energy industry, CO2-free industry, plant engineering, the maritime sector, chemicals, mobility and logistics

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About AquaVentus

One million tons of green hydrogen per year, produced from wind energy on the North Sea and transported to land by pipeline, that is the vision of AquaVentus. More than 100 companies, organisations and research institutes along the entire value chain are setting standards in Europe and worldwide. The broad-based project family will realize 10 gigawatts of generation capacity, from the demonstrator to the transport infrastructure to the ever-expanding parks.

Why green hydrogen from offshore wind? The synchronicity of production and consumption as well as the transport of green energy are among the major challenges we are facing. Green hydrogen is the key here, not only to avoid grid bottlenecks and cold doldrums, but especially to decarbonize industrial sectors that cannot be electrified. In addition, hydrogen is a central link between the sectors because it can be stored and can be used as a raw material, fuel and energy carrier. The interaction between green electrons and molecules therefore promises solutions for the transformation of our energy and economic system, but also for security of supply.

Key requirements for the ramp-up of offshore-hydrogen production

  • The AquaVentus mission: Develop and expand offshore hydrogen production in a targeted manner in order
    • to successfully pursue the energy transition and thus achieve Germany’s climate protection goals
    • Ensure resilience and security of supply
    • Secure national and European added value by achieving the expansion targets of 10 GW
  • What AquaVentus has already achieved
    • Our AquaDuctus pipeline is the German contribution to the development of a hydrogen pipeline network in the North Sea and an integral part of the German hydrogen core network
    • SEN-1 as a demonstration site for hydrogen production at sea as part of the National Hydrogen Strategy with a target of 1 GW
    • Determination of hydrogen production at sea as an overriding public interest
  • What AquaVentus is calling for
    • Intensive dialog between politicians, environmental associations and industry on the challenges of large-scale hydrogen production at sea
    • A reliable and binding expansion path within a European networked hydrogen economy and for the development of a sustainable value chain
    • Targeted realization of the AquaVentus 3 leap, with 1. pilot plants (e.g. 10 MW), 2. SEN-1 auctions for 1 GW and 3. binding expansion path for 10 GW offshore electrolysis



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AquaVentus Project family

Future technology for green hydrogen

With the help of the projects’ pioneering technical work, the AquaVentus initiative aims to achieve its ambitious goals. In the long term, however, the AquaVentus project family’s plans also include integration into a European hydrogen network.

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