Exclusively for members: The AquaVentus working groups

“I am really proud of the progress that is ongoing within the working groups. The spirit of “let’s get it done!” is evident between all the group members.

Having hosted the first in-person meeting of the WG Technology in our facility, I am happy to see how the concept has evolved and how numerous other members have also become part of it.

As part of the WG International, it is is always good to also share perspectives and ambitions with our partners from outside of Germany: enabling a truly European project.”

– Akber Jafri, OneSubsea

  1. AG Technologie
  • Focus: Discussion and exchange on new technologies in the field of green hydrogen.
  • Tasks: Monitoring technological developments, exchanging expert knowledge, discussing innovations and trends in the field of green hydrogen technologies.
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  1. WG Regulatory Affairs
  • Focus: Discussion of regulatory challenges and opportunities in the context of green hydrogen.
  • Tasks: Analysis of the legal framework, exchange on political and legal developments, preparation of statements and recommendations on regulation.
  1. WG Communication
  • Focus: Communication and information about developments in the field of green hydrogen.
  • Tasks: Development of communication strategies, dissemination of information on progress and challenges in the green hydrogen industry, organization of events and workshops.
  1. WG International
  • Focus: International discussion and exchange on green hydrogen.
  • Tasks: Development of international networks, exchange of knowledge and best practices, coordination of international cooperation and projects in the field of green hydrogen.


“We at Mannesmann Line Pipe GmbH particularly appreciate the open exchange and the large network of AG Technologie on the part of AquaVentus. Many of our customers are also members of the association, take part in the working group and present the latest findings from the markets. Be it in terms of technology or simply with their entrepreneurial orientation for the coming years.

And since we are also an advocate of the energy transition and want to play an active role in shaping it, it is only natural for us to make our contribution to the topic of pipeline technology as part of the Technology Working Group and to adapt our product portfolio to the requirements of the markets where necessary.”

– Manuel Simm, Mannesmann LinePipe GmbH