Über AquaVentus

Die grüne Energie-Revolution beginnt in der Nordsee

The AquaVentus initiative wants to set signals worldwide with climate-friendly hydrogen technology. The initiative is driven by a strong project family:

The AquaVentus support association is made up of highly innovative organizations and research institutions as well as leading international companies that are proclaiming a new age of climate-friendly energy with the production of green hydrogen at sea.

The overarching goal of AquaVentus is to install 10 GW of green hydrogen generation capacity from offshore wind energy in the North Sea by 2035 and to establish an associated transport infrastructure. The initiative comprises numerous coordinated sub-projects along the value chain: the development of offshore wind turbines with integrated hydrogen production (AquaPrimus), a large-scale offshore hydrogen park (AquaSector), a central offtake pipeline (AquaDuctus),  and a research platform  (AquaCampus).

AquaVentus News

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