GTAI Hydrogen Webinar Series: H2 Update Worldwide

This time in the H2 Update webinar, we discuss the market ramp-up of the hydrogen economy Netherlands, Belgium and the UK. What does this mean for Germany?

In its national hydrogen strategy, the British government aims to expand renewable energies to generate green hydrogen. Following the example of the British offshore wind industry, there are plans to establish an industrial hydrogen market. This also envisages exporting hydrogen to the EU, among other countries.

Meanwhile, the Netherlands as well as Belgium are getting into the game as European hydrogen hubs. In addition to expanding their own electrolysis capacity, the countries are particularly suitable for transporting green hydrogen because of the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp.

What synergy effects can also be derived from the respective efforts for German technology providers to advance energy security in Germany?

Germany Trade & Invest (GTAI) invites you to a virtual discussion to learn about these very opportunities and challenges of the hydrogen economy in the UK and Western Europe and to identify market opportunities for German technology providers. What role does the expansion of renewable energies play? How successful are pilot projects for the production of hydrogen? What are the opportunities for transporting and exporting green hydrogen?

We talk about this with the GTAI correspondent in London, Marc Lehnfeld as well as Torsten Pauly (travel correspondent Benelux), who will give us an overview of the current trends in renewable energies and the hydrogen economy. Dennis Wehmeyer will provide insight into Gascade’s corporate practices, with a focus on the AquaVentus project.

The event will be held in German.


16 May 2023


11:00 - 12:00

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