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AUCOTEC AG, founded in 1985, develops engineering software for the entire life cycle of machines, plants and mobile systems. AUCOTEC solutions range from flow diagrams to control and electrical engineering in large-scale plants to modular wiring systems in the automotive industry. AUCOTEC creates the linking of company processes through a unique, data-centered cooperation platform:

Non-stop cooperative – from concept to operation

The Engineering Base (EB) platform is the result of AUCOTEC’s in-depth experience with specialized solutions for mechanical and plant engineering, process control technology, energy supply and wiring harness development. Its concept of focusing on data instead of documents has not only resulted in effective process optimization for numerous customers. It has also established a completely different approach to conventional planning systems. According to the AUCOTEC experts, maximum efficiency can only be achieved with networking and interdisciplinary cooperation – non-stop without system breaks!