Wind power becomes hydrogen

Hydrogen Press Tour Bremerhaven – Cuxhaven 06/17/2023

In terms of sustainable development, established structures and existing locational advantages are used at best for the development of a green hydrogen economy and the efficient implementation of the energy transition.

Northern Germany is poised to become a pioneer in the development of a green hydrogen economy, as it is precisely here that there is already a large supply of renewable energy, a large number of wind turbines, and further expansion potential for solar and onshore/offshore wind energy.

In recent years, the locations of Cuxhaven and Bremerhaven have – in addition to the offshore wind industry – also focused on the topic of hydrogen, among other things, and have set themselves the goal of taking a further major step in the area of future technologies by establishing a hydrogen economy as a central component of future economic regional development.

Against this background, regional networks and knowledge transfer in this segment are becoming increasingly important in order to be able to meet the ambitious targets.

As part of the WEEK OF HYDROGEN, representatives from Cuxhaven and Bremerhaven will present their joint cooperation and the implementation of their goals to a group of participants from companies, network partners and the press on a trip with the EVB hydrogen-powered train from Bremerhaven to Cuxhaven.

In a casual exchange, the hydrogen projects are to be presented, discussed and, if necessary, also manifested. The focus of this trip will be a presentation on the Aqua Ventus project and the speaker and contact person will be Robert Seehawer. This exchange will be accompanied by a film team documenting the results of the joint hydrogen train ride for later public use.

After arriving in Cuxhaven, the participants of the press tour will have the opportunity to visit the German Offshore Industry Center on provided bicycles and, among other things, to have the construction measures for the first hydrogen filling station of the company Turneo explained to them by the managing director there, Jochen Kaufholt.


17 Jun 2023


9:30 - 13:00

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