3rd Market Visit of Global Growth Hydrogen Expertise to Germany on 24 October 2023

On behalf of Innovation Norway and Cluster Renewable Energy Hamburg, in partnership with H2 Cluster and Kongstein, we
are pleased to invite you to participate on the 3rd Market Visit of Global Growth – Hydrogen Expertise to Germany, taking
place in Hamburg, October 24th 2023.

Hydrogen is a key enabler to energy transition and is part of German agenda to counter climate change and support on
decarbonization – the country will require between 95 and 130 TWh of hydrogen by 2030.
Norway has produced hydrogen for a century and has an extensive experience to build robust energy systems. Germany and
Norway have been traditionally long-term partners in energy field and are committed to creating the resilient and sustainable
energy systems of the future. Specifically, a Joint Statement between Germany and Norway on Hydrogen aiming to ensure a
large-scale supply of hydrogen with the necessary infrastructure from Norway to Germany by 2030 was signed in earlier this


24 Oct 2023


9:00 - 17:00