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Lhyfe is a producer and supplier of green hydrogen. Founded in 2017 in Nantes (France), the project developer is developing production units in 11 European countries. With hydrogen produced from renewable energies, Lhyfe supports industry, logistics and municipalities in their decarbonization efforts.

Lhyfe’s business model is divided into onshore and offshore divisions. Offshore, the company proved the technical feasibility of offshore hydrogen production last year with its 1 MW demonstrator “SeaLhyfe”. In a further step, Lhyfe is implementing a 10 MW electrolyzer nearshore in Ostend (Belgium). Lhyfe intends to use the experience gained to produce hydrogen in the SEN-X areas in Germany. Lhyfe also has great ambitions onshore – in Germany alone, the current project pipeline comprises a total capacity of 2 GW (800 tons of H2 per day), which will gradually come on stream by 2030. The projects are distributed throughout Germany in such a way that the company can deliver up to 1 ton of hydrogen per truck within a radius of up to 200 km to end users with its 280 and 450 bar fleet.