Position Paper on the 2nd draft of the land development plan dated 28.10.2022

The realization of the AquaVentus concept of 10 GW offshore electrolysis capacity is associated with this second draft of the land development plan (FEP) has brought us a little closer to our goal. The pipeline concept is now included and at least one additional SEN area is designated. . We also welcome the removal of the pre-determination of an electrical connection for the areas in the so-called duckbill and point out once again that in the next update of the FEP, in particular for reasons of efficiency. Offshore hydrogen production should be designated. In addition, to create a collective pipeline in a timely and efficient manner, the following measures are to be implemented transition opportunities for such a pipeline to the coastal sea in the land development plan. be spatially taken into account. With reference to our previous consultation contributions, we make the following comments supplementary comments on the second draft of the land development plan.