Position paper: Key points of the funding guideline for offshore electrolysis of the BMWK

Achieving the climate protection and expansion targets for green hydrogen in the Federal Republic of Germany has long been and continues to be a central concern for us. In addition to the strategies and political declarations of intent, there is a need for rapid and timely implementation of concrete and targeted measures to build up and advance the hydrogen economy in Germany and Europe. We therefore welcome the publication of the key points for a funding guideline for offshore electrolysis.

The AquaVentus concept aims to make an important contribution to national hydrogen targets with 10 GW of offshore electrolysis capacity and also advocates European networking.

The planned sea area tender for the SEN-1 area and its upstream funding tender, based on a funding guideline yet to be drafted, can be the decisive starting signal to achieve the goals for offshore electrolysis. We see a great opportunity for both tenders, in their novel interaction, to contribute together to the sustainable ramp-up of the offshore hydrogen industry, which can also and especially be achieved through competition for the best concept based on the qualitative criteria of the “Other Energy Recovery Areas Ordinance” (German: SoEnergieV).