The nucleus for green hydrogen on Helgoland

The AquaVentus vision was created on Helgoland in 2020 in order to realize the energy turnaround there and at the same time drive forward expansion stages in the North Sea – always with an eye on the climate targets in Germany. For many years now, Helgoland has been working to defossilize its oil-based heat supply and reduce its carbon footprint.
The AquaCore (English for core, center) project, founded in 2022, traces its origins to this. The initial project is a prototype: The offshore electrolysis plant from the AquaPrimus subproject will be built in the area of the wind farms off Helgoland and will supply green hydrogen for local direct applications. The hydrogen is to be converted into heat directly at the Helgoland utilities and fed into the district heating network.
The project is being led by Versorgungsbetriebe Helgoland and the municipality of Helgoland with the support of SH-Netz AG.
The AquaCore schedule is based on the AquaPrimus (offshore wind turbine with electrolysis prototype) and AquaDuctus (pipeline) subprojects. Realization is scheduled to take place by 2026.