Offshore hydrogen industry calls for clear targets for offshore electrolysis in the National Hydrogen Strategy

On 5/26/2023, an industry-wide alliance of supporter:s issues a call to enshrine clear goals for offshore electrolysis in the National Hydrogen Strategy (NWS). The core objective is a long-term and sustainable perspective for offshore electrolysis and thus the German contribution to green hydrogen from the high seas. AquaVentus and its projects stand for a reliable supply of green hydrogen to Germany integrated into the future German hydrogen core network. Germany’s need is huge. In its lead study, dena forecasts a demand volume of 500 TWh/a by 2045. The corridors from the North and Baltic Seas alone could meet 80% of this demand. Therefore, AquaVentus supports the multilateral Ostend Declaration with the “North Sea Gas TSO declaration”, the Memorandum of Understanding for the cooperation of European gas transport companies in hydrogen transport. The AquaVentus Initiative view it as positive when the Ostend Declaration states, “Germany will initiate the development of large-scale demonstration projects for offshore renewable hydrogen production with a total capacity of 1 gigawatt through initial auctions in the short term.” For all of this, however, a clear and concrete perspective is needed. This is the only way to build value chains and make investments. It is therefore crucial that, as a first step, the National Hydrogen Strategy currently under discussion also includes a strategy for offshore hydrogen.