Woodside Energy

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We provide the energy that Australia and the world need. We are known for safe and reliable operation. In particular, our liquefied natural gas (LNG) supports our customers’ decarbonization goals, and we are unlocking opportunities to commercialize new energy products and lower-carbon services as part of our broader product mix. 

Our proven characteristics as a reliable, cost-effective energy supplier combined with efficiency-focused technology will ensure our long-term success. 

We continue to develop our business to develop a low-cost, lower-carbon, profitable, resilient and diversified portfolio that will guide us through the global energy transition.  

Our hydrocarbons business is complemented by a growing portfolio of hydrogen, ammonia and solar capabilities in Australia and internationally. Our new energy opportunities include the planned H2Perth and H2TAS hydrogen and ammonia projects in Australia and the planned H2OK hydrogen project in North America.