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With a vision to become the world’s leading provider of sustainable energy solutions, everything we do revolves around the development and deployment of sustainable energy solutions. Every day, our 29,000 employees help create a better world by designing, manufacturing, installing, developing and maintaining wind energy and hybrid projects around the world. With over 157 GW of wind power installed in 88 countries, our sustainable energy solutions have already prevented 1.5 billion tons of CO₂ and contributed to a more sustainable energy system. We have more than 40 years of experience in wind energy and were the first company to reach the 100 GW mark for both wind turbine installation and service. As a result, we believe we have already played a critical role in laying the foundations for the sustainable era and are uniquely positioned to lead the way to a sustainable planet.

Wind energy is our heritage and our core competence. We believe that wind will form the backbone of the sustainable energy systems of the future, and we remain focused on developing solutions that accelerate the energy transition and reinforce Vestas’ continued leadership in wind.