Landeskompetenzzentrum Wasserstoffforschung Schleswig-Holstein

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The Gesellschaft für Energie und Klimaschutz Schleswig-Holstein GmbH (EKSH) promotes science and research in energy and environmental protection and educational projects in this field. The non-profit company provides around 2 million euros annually for pilot projects and programs in Schleswig-Holstein. The main areas of work are currently sustainable mobility, renewable energies, sector coupling and energy efficiency. 2021, the State Competence Center Hydrogen Research Schleswig-Holstein (HY.SH) was founded under the umbrella of ESKH. Since then, HY.SH has acted as a central point of contact for hydrogen researchers in Schleswig-Holstein and also has its own funding program for university staff in the state, the H2Fonds. In the AquaVentus Förderverein, HY.SH in particular, which thanks to its umbrella organization EKSH has an established research network and direct contact with research institutions, is committed to knowledge and technology transfer and supports accompanying research at partner universities in the state of Schleswig-Holstein.