NorthH2 Projektgesellschaft mbH

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As a group of pioneers of offshore wind energy, we want to use offshore electrolysis to produce green hydrogen on an industrial scale and actively shape the turning point. We have investigated the offshore production of green hydrogen for around four years. The results are extremely positive, so about three years ago we decided to develop the first project company for the construction of offshore electrolysis in Germany. Against the challenges for the energy system in Germany, we have chosen a sprinter approach for our concept, which means the use of existing, tried-andtested technologies and the ability to be approved quickly. With a wealth of experience from constructing and running offshore wind farms, we are able to tackle the challenge of hydrogen production as an off-grid solution
via system integration of technologies. Our modular platform concept consists of the treatment of seawater for electrolysis, hydrogen production, the use of the generated process heat and oxygen, as well as the environmentally friendly return of the brine resulting from water treatment under one roof.