TransHyDE Workshop: Hydrogen and its derivatives

This event from Systems Analysis is intended to shed light on the decision criteria for hydrogen in its pure form or for one of its derivatives with a wide variety of stakeholders.

Date: November 30, 2023
Time: 13:00 till 18:00
Location: Hyperion Hotel Leipzig | Sachsenseite 7 | 04109 Leipzig

The participation is free of charge!

Location Hyperion Hotel Leipzig

The TransHyDE Workshop: Hydrogen and its derivatives – Which decision criteria are important for individual actors? is to aim at the exchange of a wide range of industries and to shed light on why different players decide in favor of or against a certain energy source. In particular, we would like to discuss the following:

  • Hydrogen (H2, gaseous)
  • Hydrogen (LH2, liquefied)
  • Ammonia (NH3)
  • Synthetic methane (SNG and LNG, liquefied)
  • Methanol (MeOH)
  • Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carriers (LOHCs)

The workshop is divided into 2 parts. First, there will be a series of lectures presenting research projects on the various energy sources. If you would like to present a project, please feel free to indicate this when registering. Afterwards we want to actively deal with the different energy sources – we are looking forward to your contribution.

The results of the workshop will be incorporated into the synthesis of results of TransHyDE.


30 Nov 2023


13:00 - 18:00

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